Anti-slip mat for your beloved dog

Anti-slip mat for your beloved dog

So many of our customers have asked us the same question: how can I paddle with my dog ​​so that he feels stable and comfortable?
We are pleased to present you our new product, the design of which was also registered by our company.

How does this mat work?

The mat is made from the same material that your paddleboard mat is made from where you stand. The perforated surface of the mat gives good grip to the surface of the paddle board, helping your dog to be more stable on the surface of the board.

Will this mat fit my paddle board? What size?

This mat is universal and will fit any board size. If the mat is too big for your board, you can easily cut it to size. Mat size: 19" x 26"

How is this mat attached to the board?

This mat is self-adhesive, so no additional adhesive is needed.

What colors of mats do you have?

While we only have mats in black, if we see a strong demand for these mats and offers for other colors, we will gladly make new colors or patterns.

Thank you for being with us and helping us feel more confident and happy on the water :)

Yours T-Sport Team ;)

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