Design Philosophy


Our Core Principle of Optimum Balance

OPTIMUM BALANCE is T-Sport Surf Design Syndicate’s design philosophy, a core principle that drives our approach to iSUP design. Optimum Balance ensures our approach to design strives for the ideal proportion of board length, width and thickness, providing the optimum balance of stability, speed and manoeuvrability. Add to this the extensive tests in the varied water conditions across Europe and the result is a market leading allround paddling experience.


Structural Laminate Fusion Technology is now only reserved now for boards that need to be super strong (river / rapid) or cheeper brands using outdated technology. A double layer construction starts with the single layer board; dropstitch covered in an initial PVC layer. From there, a second layer of PVC is glued to the board. 

This differs to the stringer technology as it is a full coating over the whole board, not just a strip down the centre. It is also usual to have an extra layer around the rails of the board. The extra PVC layer helps to increase the strength of the board. On the down-side the extra material makes these iSUPs heavier.