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We are expanding our international distribution and dealer network. If you are interested in becoming an authorized dealer, please complete the form below.

Why T-Sport?

  • T-Spot is an UK brand that has registered trademarks for its products.
  • Our company was founded in Poole (UK) - the center of UK paddleboarding, the founders and creators of the boards are people with many years of experience in water sports.
  • Being based in Dorset where we have great surf, downwind and flat-water conditions year round which gives our team perfect conditions to test and improve our products year-round. We innovate, design and test all our gear locally and once we are happy with the prototype, we have the production models made by our manufacturing partners in Asia.
  • We support our international distributors through event sponsorships, online and social media marketing campaigns and by visiting local markets, offering demos and marketing support.
  • Our aspiration is to become one of the leading brands in the Stand Up Paddle market internationally. We plan to continue growing our brand through a network of independent distributors that know their local markets and are engaged in their local Stand Up Paddle scene.founders and creators of the boards are people with many years of experience in water sports.
  • We are looking for distributors in all markets but are particularly interested in partnerships with independent distributors in these markets: Europe, Asia, the US mainland, Central and South America, Australia, and Polynesia.

What we are looking for in a distributor

An ideal candidate is passionate about Stand Up Paddle boarding, is connected to the local stand up paddle market and ideally has some experience running a business. As a distributor you will need access to capital to finance the shipments and need to be able to warehouse, sell and distribute boards and accessories.

How it works

The minimum order to get distributor pricing is 1 pallet with our products,1 pallet can hold about 15 boards + some other products or parts. If you are interested in securing an exclusive distribution territory, you will have to commit to minimum annual orders, depending on the size of the market of the exclusive territory. We usually offer a 4 year exclusive with small a small order minimum in the first year to help you gets established and then expect orders to increase the following years.

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