New year, new board! T-Sport Explorer II 12'

We present to your attention an updated version of our popular T-Sport Explorer. We took into account all your suggestions on the previous version of Explorer and made a paddle board that best meets the requirements of even the most picky customer.

Significant changes:

  • Increase in length from 10'6" and 11'6" to 12'
  • New technology was used, exclusive to T-Sport SUP boards, Structural Laminate Fusion Technology is the industry-leading drop-stitch material, that’s machine welded to a high-density structural core to produce a super-durable material that works as one. So that shell is constructed of a fully integrated 4-ply laminate. 
  • All-wood design (the previous design was only wood on the top), which makes our board stand out from other brands at any event or beach.
  • The 4-piece paddle was replaced with a carbon one which is higher quality and lighter one than aluminium
  • Added waterproof bag
  • Added waterproof phone case
  • Added additional D-rings for attaching the second seat (total 2 seats can be attached, in this kit included 1)
  • The pump has been updated, now the pump folds up and takes up less space in the backpack, and the air intake from the pump occurs from above, which prevents sand and small particles from getting inside the pump.
  • Now all 3 fins are removable, this reduces space in the backpack and also prevents any damage while packing the paddle board
  • New backpack, with softer straps, fin pockets and paddle holders
  • The maximum load capacity of the paddle board has been increased from 140kg (22 stones) to 170kg (26 stones) and the maximum pressure has increased from 15psi to 20psi, which can be safely used by 2 water sports enthusiasts
  • The mount for paddles on the paddle board has been replaced with more convenient and reliable ones